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“MF Eco machine Certification System” was implemented from April, 2009.

  It is now the common recognition of the world that the environmental issue, especially the reduction of carbon dioxide, is the global theme.  Japan Forming Machinery Association (hereinafter called JFMA) in its industry vision in October, 2006 set the slogan of “Materialization of human & environment friendly eco-products” and started promoting the global environment enhancement along with the sound growth of the industry and as the consequence, strengthening the international competitiveness.

  In January of 2009, JFMA established “MF Eco machine Certification System” in order to visualize the activities of its members toward the materialization of its industry vision as well as to appeal its reliable quality products for both Japanese and international markets. Aiming at promoting the development of environment friendly products, dedicating to the reduction of the burden on our environment and improving the work environment, JFMA implemented this system effective April of 2009.

Outline of MF Eco machine Certification System(pdf)

MF Eco machine Certification System Registry

MF Eco Machine Certification System - Achivement of 2014(pdf)

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